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Get to know us

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What we believe

Great gear makes for great adventures, and great gear should be easy to use, lightweight, and accessible to everyone.

We design all of our products guided by the concept of refined simplicity - we start by identifying what features matter most, figure out how to make them as simple and straightforward as possible, and then thoughtfully integrate it all together.

Our products have everything you need, and nothing you don't, delivering the conveniences you want in an ultralight package

Who we are

Coastal Range Equipment was founded by John Peretti in the summer of 2019. An engineer, designer, and lifelong outdoorsman, He is passionate about making great outdoor gear that just works, is easy-to-use, and is accessible to everyone. He believes the tastiest meals are eaten trailside, hunger makes the best sauce, and there's never a bad day on the trail.

When not designing innovative outdoor products, he loves to hike the trails up and down California's Coast Range with his wife, daughters, and their family dog Elvis.


The Coast Range

California’s Coast Range is where we find joy. Whether hiking the open spaces of Marin's Headlands, or under the canopy of towering redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, or trekking the rugged solitude along the Lost Coast, a day spent in the Coast Range inspires us through the awe of nature and the joy of being outside.

We draw inspiration from that sense of awe and joy, and distill those qualities down to their most important essence - a refined simplicity that delivers uncompromising performance in an ultralight package.

Lightweight, easy-to-use, high performance gear that you can rely on, so that wherever your adventures take you, you have a little bit of extra joy from California’s Coastal Range

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