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Our Kickstarter Is Launching Soon!

The lightest weight, easiest to use camping stove you can find, because every adventure is better with a fresh cup of coffee and a hot meal.

Reserve VIP access with a $1 deposit and join the list for a chance to be a beta tester!

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Cook Easier

Simple, easy to use, fast.

Unpack, set up in 3 easy steps, light the stove with one click, and have hot food and drinks ready when you want them

Boiling Pot branded.jpg

A Watched Pot Boils

2 minute boil times

Hot food and drinks ready when you want them


Cook More with Less

9 ounces of weight
40 ounces of capacity

Light enough to cook by yourself, and big enough so you can bring friends, too

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RSVP for VIP Benefits

For a $1 Deposit you get:

Priority Fulfillment- Get it first

Early Bird Kickstarter Access

Chance to be a Beta Tester

Reserve Yours Today!

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