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The Coastal Range Backpacker is the easiest, lightest weight way to cook outdoors. Set up the whole stove in 3 simple steps: unpack the burner, screw on the fuel canister, and lock the cooking cup onto the burner. Light the gas burner with one click of the ignition button, and cook efficiently with the included 1.2L heat-exchanger cooking pot.


With 1.2L of capacity you have plenty of room to cook for 2-3 people, or boil enough water for a proper cup of coffee and full bowl of oatmeal in one go. And at 8.5oz total weight it's even lighter than smaller "personal-sized" cooking solutions. When you're done cooking the hard-anodized pot cleans easily, and everything - burner and fuel (100g or 230g) - packs back up inside the cup for convenient storage.

    Coastal Range Backpacker

      • 8.5 oz weight
      • 1.2L max capacity
      • Gas burner with push-button piezo ignition for ease of use
      • Soft-touch surfaces and insulating pot sleeve for comfort, convenience and safety
      • High efficiency heat exchanger cook pot for maximum performance
      • Multi-function lid: drink/pour-thru spout, integrated strainer
      • Bowl/Bottom Cover included
      • Flat-bottom pot supports included
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