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Simple to set up, easy to use, delicious

Unpack, set up, light the stove with one click, and have hot food and drinks ready when you want them

Reserve for early access

Extra Benefits for VIP Reservations


Go Lighter, Go Better

The Coastal Range Backpacker is a better way to cook on the trail. The lightest weight way to get all the features you want in a stove:

1.2 liter, high efficiency cooking pot

2 minute boil times

One click ignition

9 ounce total system weight


Early Access

Be the first one to get your stove! VIP reservation holders will get the first units made so you can get out on the trail and camp better before anyone else


Be a Beta Tester

Every VIP reservation holder will be eligible to be chosen as an official Coastal Range Beta Tester! Conditions apply


Get the Best Deal

VIP Reservation holders will get early access to the Kickstarter Campaign to get the first opportunity to get the best deal on your stove. VIP units will also be customized to show how much we appreciate your support!

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